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What we offer

Highly extendible and customizable

Inovizer is cloud based platform with the basic features that enables connecting and monitoring of critical real-time data and rapidly customising of different use cases.

Modular and endlessly scalable

Almost every feature can be used as completely independent application (API, Rules Engine, Device Client and User Interface ) and scaled based on your needs.

Technology behind

Completely based on serverless architecture PaaS. You pay only for what you use.



Provision devices / sensors or objects easily with your smartphone.


Get Simple statistic about your objects and alarms.

Store Telemetry

Set filter to collect only specific data from the connected objects / devices for statistic or analytics purpose.

Live Data

Stream and display live data to the user interface.


Set rules and apply them to several objects at the same time.


Get, store and manage alarms if a particular rule is triggered.


Send notifications based on the pre defined receiver within the rules.

Device Management

Send commands on remote devices and monitor the execution progress and history on a device twin.


Manage users and define user roles to staff or system administrators.

Advanced Features

  • Send alarm notifications through other channels: SMS, Slack, Facebook and WhatsApp
  • Connector for your current Customer Relationship Management system SAP, Salesforce
  • Forward the telemetry data to your arbitrary data analytics pool
  • Extract all telemetry data into a one CSV file for your internal reporting systems
  • On-board several devices / objects at once simply by uploading a CSV file
  • Execute continious analytics on the log files in order to predict some failures

Getting Started

  • Up to 300M messages / day

  • Unlimited device onboarding

  • Auto scalable technology

  • Certificate based communication

  • Up to 2M E-mails / month

  • Scalable metadata storage

  • Scalable file storage for telemetry and alarm data

  • Detailed documentation and customer support

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